Haunted Schools

Haunted schools are everywhere. Whether its your local elementary school or the college on the other side of town, odds are there is a haunted school near you. From the spirits of students who died tragically on the school grounds to teachers who don’t seem to want to give up their jobs – even after they pass on, tales of haunted schools have been shared for centuries.

Schools are supposed to be places where children are educated in a rational way. However, schools are often hotbeds of unexplainable things. Given the fact that children are full of imagination, it’s not unreasonable that places where they spend so much time are said to be filled with tales of things that can’t be explained.

Tales have been told of students and teachers who have died in a school and seem to have never left. These spirits can be stirred up when construction or renovations are being done at the school. Some just show up whenever they feel like it. Some seem to be looking to avenge their death; others appear to want to help others avoid a similar fate. Whatever the cause or reasoning, haunted schools have been around for centuries and will most likely be around for centuries to come. We read about and researched tons of stories about haunted schools and found out some fascinating stuff.  Here are just a few that we found:

Decatur High School – Decatur, AL
In Decatur, Alabama, on Prospect Drive, sits Decatur High School. The school was built in 1950. Since that time, students and teachers alike have reported seeing white moving apparitions roaming through the hallways and classrooms at the school. Read more…

Gorman School – Lebec, CA
The Gorman School in Lebec, CA has been haunted since it was built in 1938. It was built on the site of a farm where a 12-year-old girl named Harriet lived and was accidentally crushed by her father’s tractor. She was buried on the property. Read more…

Seattle Central Community College, Seattle, WA
Located in Seattle, Washington and built in 1907, the Seattle Central Community College was originally called Broadway High School and then the Burnley School of Professional Art before it became the South Annex of Seattle Central Community College in 1986. Read more…

Coe College – Cedar Rapids, IA
A ghost called Helen is said to haunt this campus. The young coed died from influenza in 1918 and her spirit is alleged to have taken up residence in an old grandfather clock in Voorhees Hall, which was her previous dorm. The clock had been donated to the college by Helen’s folks. Read more…

Reynolds College – Denver, CO
The historic Reynolds College in Denver, CO is haunted by Madge Reynolds, who had an adulterous love affair with Denver Post owner Fred Bonfils. She collapsed and died in her bedroom after returning from a horseback ride with Bonfils. Ever since, her white ghost is seen in the rooms on the north side of the house.